Well hello there.

We're looking for Hosts (yes, capital 'H' internal-alpha-types) to host (lower-case, in-general) Living Room Shows (an event where an acoustic guitar arrives at your house with it's singing handler, strumming and picking for around 40 people who wonder who they're sitting next to and what their story is) in New England (our nation's tapas of historical myths and markers) during the first week of November (when everything begins to shut down, engorged with ritual and denial). Here are some sample states:




New Hampshire

Rhode Island


The dealio: Only those who've bought tickets know the address. You get 5 tickets for friends or those you want as friends. Everyone shows up between 7:30-7:45. Show starts at 8. Last strum by 9:15. By 10:30, you're making popcorn and spritzers while getting ready for late-night cable. Click here for the full details.

The deadline for host submissions is this Monday October 6 at 4PM CST!

You can follow the last few tours on tumblr. for proof that they actually happen. I'm also on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Take a day off work and think about it, then go into work the next day and submit on company time. Or just make a hasty decision now.

See you at your place,


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