Where have you been? Still there?

Once, in BUFFALO NY, I was ignored by a sidewalk lightning ball. I bowed to a frankfurter mist in CLEVELAND OH. GRAND RAPIDS MI was pushed back for posterity. I was heckled from a drunken wheelchair in ANN ARBOR MI. CHICAGO IL had a post-show karaoke-mishap super-magnet. I traversed MILWAUKEE WI freeway construction for lemonade hoarding. APPLETON WI remains untainted by my gaze. In MADISON WI, I hunted a bounced check, escaped militant cabbies and still made time for matzo ball soup. In MINNEAPOLIS MN, I stumbled onto a pre-wedding extremist brunch. OMAHA NE gathered up a sistercloggingchristianstrippermorticiancelebritydeathcollection. While staying in LAWRENCE KS, a mother offered sandwiches to snipers hiding in the bushes, waiting to kill her neighbor. They refused. I enjoyed the leftovers. KANSAS CITY MO mandated a meat binge following an alt-methcountry puppet show. As I opened a door in INDIANAPOLIS IN, the frame closed it's mouth around my hand with only a single tooth drawing blood. COLUMBUS OH sent me into a 65 mph Skyline Chili shirt-panic.

April's LIVING ROOM tickets are now on sale. They'll be acoustic affairs in private homes. Find your town and get a zip code. Purchase a ticket or two and get the whole address. Audiences are more or less 50 strong. They start at 8PM. I just show up with an acoustic guitar, find a chair and thumb-strum into thin air.

But first:

March 18th, Merge Records is releasing a 20th anniversary edition of my first album, BLOOMED. There's a bonus disc included with studio, radio and live band performances. Vinyl even! I'll also have some with me at the shows.

And, Saturday, March 22, I'll be solo, playing with Anders Parker at BSP in Kingston NY. This particular night, I'll be dragging in a few amps and pedals to cleanse the palette before going back to the purely acoustic Living Room shows. It'll be the last electric show until this summer.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr are also available for vegging and zoning.

Check your deadbolt.



Thanks to everyone who came out to the acoustic Living Room shows and to the great hosts I met or re-met without knowing it. The shows went so well that I've decided to press my luck and try it again in April and May. The cities and dates will be announced soon.

In the meantime, March will be electric. I'm digging out some pedals and amps for a few club shows:

Saturday, March 22nd, I'll be at BSP in Kingston NY with my slightly taller friend, Anders Parker.

Thursday, March 6, I'll be at Union Hall in Brooklyn NY. Last time I was there I lost my jacket, so this time I'm bringing an extra one.

Friday, March 7th, I'll be in Arlington VA at IOTA where I've been returning for the last 20 years.

Speaking of which

On March 18th, Merge Records is releasing a 20th anniversary edition of my first album Bloomed. It's coming out on vinyl with a bonus CD of 11 additional tracks containing demo and radio performances and a few recorded in an East Bay bar way-back-when with my SF band, The Doubters.

There's also Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram for snow-day scrolling.

La la la,



Oh, Hi.

Well, the West Coast Living Room Tour is now underway. Reports will be forthcoming à la Facebook and Twitter where I'll be subconsciously stressing the schwa. Phantom interrobangs should be assumed. Or, if you don't want to wait for the playback, there are tickets for these Jan/Feb shows going on in Arizona, California, Oregon available here.

We're also planning Living Room Shows for April and May all over the rest of the U.S. If you're interested in hosting one, you can find the details here.

Basically, I'll pull up to your house with an acoustic guitar, find a spot inside where I won't knock anything over and play all of the hits that made me the hundredaire that I am today. The location of the shows is only known to those who purchase tickets. You get 5 free tickets for your friends or those whose friendships you're trying to buy. Dates will be announced soon after finding out that there are dates to be announced. After that, I 'll just need to decide which color I'd like my rental car to be. Having trouble finding lavender with spinning rims.

In March, there will be electric dates in NY before I return to the living rooms in April & May for the purely acoustic shows. I'm slowly weening myself from the self-imposed no amp/no pedal intervention. Like a diver, I don't want to ascend too quickly and give myself the bends. March 6 will be in Brooklyn at Union Hall and March 22 will be at BSP in Kingston w/ Anders Parker.

On Tumblr., you can find a few short stories, some music, a video or two and assorted other chunklets. There's also Instagram for you visual types. Lastly, you can stream my last album, SURROUNDED, here and even buy a copy there as well that includes the crafty-pants artwork of Jill Draper.




Hello. I have so little to tell you, I'm not sure where to begin.

Last month, I: crept around in basements. listened in, unnoticed. bent a rule or two. let myself be taken. leaned in every line. bought into a bundle. pillaged from the stations. lied to keep it going. paced until communion. bit to find the quick and bled to mark the way. listed in a shuttle. dropped and lost my sight. begged for wrong directions. napped through afternoons. sorted through the details. usually took the lift. tricked myself on board. followed hidden signs. ushered in a server. translated, then surrendered, leaving early when I could. loosened up a few times. wrote some off as void. almost lost my breath. lightened on the way. saw things I believed. recharged in public corners. walked out just to come back. recorded someone crying. argued in a doorway. negotiated offers and straightened out too late. left when I was told to. tried to spot the targets. wrestled out some "yes"es. hoarded with the freebies. turned down a warm Duvel. flooded when I had to. lost a saved disciple. winced at all the whimsy. guessed where I was going. watched the damaged scurry and paid to stay behind. shuffled through the passes. moved for rutting bingers. scheduled in some tastings. waited to meander. clutched along the creakings. shifted in conditions. made off with utensils. caught up with the missing. made it back depleted. slipped into a distance and let the visions lie.

And I'm about to do it again.

January 23rd through February 9th, I'll be foraging along the West Coast with an acoustic guitar and dropping in on suspecting listeners for a series of Living Room shows. The cities are public domain but the addresses are privy to those obey "add to cart". The audiences are limited to 50 per show, so the chances you'll run into an ex or estranged family member are fairly low. I'll simply ring a doorbell, find a spot in the room where I won't knock over a lamp with my guitar neck, make a blanket-apology ahead of time, just in case, then traipse through a catalog of the chorusless. The shows will be in different homes each evening, so check ahead for individual rules on snuggies. Audience members that correctly guess the daily rate on my rental car will receive a compliment on their hair style.

I released a new short story entitled The Surrendered Read. It's about reading to fall asleep, then falling asleep because you're reading then waking up just wanting to go back to sleep, though not sure that you may or may not still be asleep and just dreaming that you can't sleep (the former description may be longer than the actual story). Around the yarn, you can also find a mixtape, a few videos, some picture-poems and a stream of my last album, Surrounded.

A day-to-day version of what may have happened on my European tour in December is lying dormant on Facebook as 2013 Euro tour diary 1-20. A video game version will be released on PS2 (the one that I still use) on Lincoln's birthday.

I also have momentarily-clever-then-deleted-in-panic impressions on Twitter and snappy snaps on Instagram.

If you're on my email list, you can get updates every so often on Merge's 2014 repurposed release under my name and news on the next round of Living Room shows in April & May around the U.S., excluding the territories (such as Iraq and possibly Florida).

Pajamas all day,


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