I almost got: a nine-foot fiberglass Marlin in a transcendental village, a boulder on my ride, more than 5 people on a Saturday night, the complimentary gravy, a bobcat in need of a merkin, the wrong plastic synth, back to my room before it happened, caught forgetting a face out of place, level, complete organ meltdown, away before getting away without giving something away, an opening act featuring firefighters and a burning tree, a little too low in the motel chain, the salad bar option for an additional $2.99, a bottle in the drought, a clean signal a few times, something from a catering budget, a guitar that I got, the lowdown on vaping, a fourth one, enough to cover gasoline and a bowl of grits, one leg in before the discovering the apathy, choked up at the loss of missing Martins or to do anything else that I wanted to do.

I'm gonna be everywhere in September: across, over, through, around both coasts and in-between with an acoustic guitar or two in living rooms sprouting into stages. We're looking for LIVING ROOM Show hosts all over the place. If you live anywhere, then you're in the running if you'd like to have a performance at your place with about 40-50 others. Deadline for submissions is this Friday, August 8th!

There'll be a few bar/clubs shows as well. I'm planning on making some of these electric shows, but won't know for certain until I'm 45 minutes from home and suddenly remember what I forgot to load in the tourmobile.

In August, I'll be opening for The Handsome Family August 20th - 30th, sprinkled with a few acoustic LIVING ROOM Shows in Cleveland OH 8/18, Indianapolis IN 8/19, Peoria IL 8/21 & Asheville NC 8/24.

In the two weeks until the first show, I'll be working on songs for a new album being produced by my cats, assisted by a psychotic neighbor yelling in the street and about 30 insurgent children left at home, unattended, due to their parents' busy schedule during carnie season.

Until I start lurking around your town, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram are available for groundbreaking updates and immediately regrettable impulse sends.

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