Just changed my mind on guitars, amps & pedals for this round of electric shows. Went hollow to solid/semi & from an eight & a twelve to a two-ten & a fifteen. For the acoustic shows, I'll have a MacGyver'd Kay. Anyway, here's a rundown:

I'll be in Charleston/Summerville SC, for an acoustic Living Room show on Friday July 11 then down to Atlanta on Saturday July 12 for an electric show at Red Light Café. Sunday July 13 will be in Waverly AL for another try at an acoustic Living Room Show. Monday will be spent speeding north, away from the Florida border.

Back to electric at Hi Tone Café on Tuesday July 15 in Memphis TN. Little Rock AR's acoustic Living Room show will be Wednesday July 16. I'll be electric at Czar Bar in Kansas City MO on Thursday July 17, acoustic on Friday July 18 for a Living Room show in St. Louis MO then electric again(s) for The Mill in Iowa City IA on Saturday July 19 and 7th St Entry in Minneapolis on Sunday July 20. The last acoustic Living Room show for July will be Monday the 21st in Milwaukee, cheese curds in tow.

The last four July dates are all electric: Tuesday July 22 in Chicago IL at The Empty Bottle, Wednesday July 23 at MOTR Pub in Cincinnati OH, Thursday July 24 in Columbus OH at Rumba Café and Thunderbird Café in Pittsburgh PA on Friday July 25.

After a brief period of this and that, I'll be on tour in August opening dates for The Handsome Family. Some are announced and more are on the way. I'm also doing a few acoustic Living Rooms shows in between. Monday August 18 will be in a living room in Cleveland/Lyndhurst OH, Tuesday August 19 will be in someone's home in Indianapolis IN & Thursday August 21 in will be held within Peoria IL city limits. There's one last Living Room show in Asheville NC on Sunday August 24.

In September, I'm heading West. I'll be announcing some of those dates soon as well. They're'll be electric club shows and acoustic Living Room shows weaving the route there and back.

Just thought you should know...


ACOUSTIC: Tickets are now on sale for July & August Living Room shows:

In July, I'll be in Little Rock AR on the 16th & St Louis MO on the 18th.

In August, I'll be in Cleveland OH on the 18th, Indianapolis IN on the 19th & Asheville NC on the 24th.

These will all be advance-ticket acoustic shows at secret locations. You get the address when you get your ticket. I don't even know the addresses until minutes before I'm in a chair in someone's living room. The shows take place between 8-10PM.

7/16 Little Rock AR Living Room Show (acoustic)

7/18 St Louis MO Living Room Show (acoustic)

8/18 Cleveland OH Living Room Show (acoustic)

8/19 Indianapolis IN Living Room Show (acoustic)

8/24 Asheville NC Living Room Show (acoustic)

ELECTRIC: Also, in July, I'll be playing solo electric shows in clubs, cafes &, yes, even a garden:

Wednesday 7/9, I'll be flying my Merge flag in DURHAM at Duke University in SARAH P DUKE GARDENS. I'll be in the herb section after the show dressed as Sarah P Duke.

Thursday 7/10, at COLUMBIA MUSEUM OF ART (the one in SC), a lecture will not follow the show, but I will be available to sign other people's paintings.

Friday 7/11, I'll be biscuit-picking and pork-pulling at various undisclosed locations.

Saturday 7/12, I'll be in ATLANTA at RED LIGHT CAFE after spending 2 hours driving 3 miles on I-85.

I'll use Sunday 7/13 as a day of splintered reflection and Monday 7/14 for internal debate.

Tuesday 7/15 has me in MEMPHIS at HI TONE CAFE. Please bring wet-naps.

After Wednesday's living room show in Little Rock, I'll be driving to KANSAS CITY to CZAR BAR, Thursday 7/17, hunting for burnt tips until show time.

From Friday's acoustic living room show in St Louis, I'll be in IOWA CITY, Saturday July 19 at THE MILL, interrobanging on a few Harmonys.

Sunday July 20 takes me to MINNEAPOLIS at 7TH STREET ENTRY. Last time I played there I broke my Kalamazoo, so I'm bringing two guitars this time.

Monday will be spent focusing on cheese curd and taxidermy before the Tuesday 7/22 show at THE EMPTY BOTTLE show in CHICAGO.

The next two days will be in the chili-belt with a show in CINCINNATI @ MOTR PUB on Wednesday 7/23 and another in COLUMBUS @ RUMBA CAFÉ on Thursday 7/24.

The last solo electric date will be in PITTSBURGH @ THUNDERBIRD CAFÉ. Last time I was in town, I lost a tooth. I'm going back to find it.


Woven amongst August's acoustic living room shows, I'll be hors d'oeuvre-ing for The Handsome Family. So far, we're in Louisville KY (8/22), Greensboro NC (8/26), Arlington VA (8/28), Brooklyn NY (8/29) & NYC (8/30). More dates with them are coming.

As a member of the email-list-elite, I'll let you know anything else that I know as soon as I know it, unless it's worth forgetting (preferred default setting). As things develop, I'll be posting on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Feel free to develop with me.

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