8/27 website

livermush, fried pickles, grits, duck rolls, strange lemon chicken soup, birthday cake m &m's, sausage that was supposed to be bologna, watered-down gravy, supermarket salads, pork rinds, steak-ish, hot spicy chicken/cold spicy chicken, more grits, duck pâté, a gas station hot pickled sausage served with a side order of those orange crackers with the cheese inside, bland pozole, salad bar soup & curried something


9/4 University of Michigan-Ann Arbor MI (solo acoustic)

9/7 Living Room Show-Charles City IA (solo acoustic)

9/9 Ivywild School-Colorado Springs CO (solo electric & acoustic)

9/13 Living Room Show-Seattle WA (solo acoustic)

9/14 Mississippi Studios-Portland OR (solo electric & acoustic)

9/15 Hemlock Tavern-San Francisco CA (solo electric & acoustic)

9/16 Living Room Show-Long Beach CA (solo acoustic)

9/17 Living Room Show-Phoenix AZ (solo acoustic)

9/19 Living Room Show-Albuquerque NM (solo acoustic)

9/21 Cactus Cafe-Austin TX (solo electric & acoustic)

9/22 Living Room Show-Houston TX (solo acoustic)

9/23 Red Star-Baton Rouge LA (solo electric & acoustic)

9/24 The Beatnik-New Orleans LA (solo electric & acoustic)

I also do landscaping.


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