Time for living rooms to be sprouting up through Winter's rumshpringa. And to sing-a. In the Spring-a.

Where are these living rooms? I'll be heading out soon and need to know where to go.

Got an indoor space that'll hold 40-50 listeners for a few hours?

Living Room shows are acoustic affairs. All that's needed is a chair. Maybe a lamp. I bring the guitar. You don't have to collect money or anything. That's all taken care of. People show up about 7:30. Show starts at 8. You have your living room back by 10.

In exchange for hosting a Living Room show, you'll get 5 tickets for anyone whose friendship you want to affirm or reattach. Here are the details.

Just send an email to buckner@living-room-shows.com with your address and a few photos of your lair with "Richard Buckner Living Room Show" and the name of your city in the subject line.

Whataya think-a?

I'll also be sending out updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram along the way.

See you soon.


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